For completion of your looks with perspective to attire, shoes are a necessary part that cannot be overlooked as it is a presentation of your overall personality. The choice of footwear an individual chooses to go by tends to create a great impression on those that they meet in their day to day operations. It is specifically and categorically known that women hold the largest market niche for shoes as compared to men, this is associated with their tendency always to strive to wear attire that matches their moods, dress, and occasion.

Stylish footwear for women


This type adorns almost every woman’s wardrobe. This is related to the fact that they are reasonably and easily available for every market value from the high-end consumers down to the low-end customers. They are flat, uniquely low thus the name flats, have rounded toes and incredibly easy to go around in because of their design and comfort they also tend to cut across all age and size variations and come in plentiful of colors and aesthetic designs. They always tend to present a tone of simplicity with a cut of elegance whenever adorned.


These are by design either heeled or flat but come with an open heel and closed toes, some have square or rounded tips. The primary material used by many designers of this shoe type is leather. They tend to go well with fitting jeans or pants and are mostly worn for formal appearances.


These are an essential, and a must-have item for every woman. They are a presentation of a woman’s sexuality and extremely fashionable. They are raised at the heel thereby tending to give the woman a sense of improved height. Based on height, design, color, height and appearance, there is a ton load to choose from as per one’s tastes and budget.


These are naturally by design closed shoes and maybe heeled or flat. The main materials used in their design include microfiber, leather or thick cloth and come various colors and shapes. They tend to blend in seamlessly with almost every kind of clothing, are fashionable and very comfortable. The ballerina shoe is a very typical example of flat pumps.


Tshoeshese are also referred to as flip-flops. They blend in well with both formal and casual wear. They only cover a small portion of the upper foot and are comfortable and elegant to wear. They also come in various shapes, colors, designs and sizes and are very common.