effects of alcohol addiction

Harmful Effects of Alcohol Addiction

The impact of alcohol on the human body commences from that moment you take the first sip. The effects, however, affect individuals differently (mostly) depending on an individual’s physical condition as well as the rate of taking the vice.

alcohol abuseIf you asked an individual who takes alcohol why he or she opted for that, the reason is always the same-to drive away pains and sorrows of life. In fact, they say it gives the power of facing difficulties and various challenges of life. To them they are right but practically alcohol generates hallucinations as well as illusions in the mind that take an individual to another world where they forget the real world.

With time an individual can’t think managing life without alcohol-addiction sets in. alcohol addiction has got long-lasting harmful effects which are literally not limited to an individual but the society at large suffer the consequences too. The harmful effects of alcohol addiction include the following:

The Brain

Undeniably, alcohol addiction takes a toll on an individual’s health. Regarding the brain, alcohol basically interferes with the communication pathways of the brain hence affecting the manner in which the brain works or simply how it looks. The resulting outcome of these kinds of disruptions is a change in behavior, mood, and generally makes clear thinking harder and even moving with coordination becomes difficult.


Being addicted to alcohol damages the heart by causing a problem like high blood pressure, an irregular heartbeat (Arrhythmias), cardiomyopathy (drooping and stretching of the heart muscle), and also can lead to stroke.

Endocrine and Digestive Glands

Too much alcohol causes digestive enzymes from the pancreas to be activated. The buildup may lead to inflammation in the abdomen known as pancreatitis. This is a condition that may stay in the body for a long time and can cause complications.

Reproductive and Sexual Health

To the contrary, alcohol doesn’t help in making life in bed to be fun. In reality, men who drink will likely experience erectile dysfunction as well as have a lowered libido due to the inhibition of sex hormone production. For women, they may stop menstruating putting them at a dropping edge of infertility.

Muscle and Skeletal Systems

An individual addicted to alcohol has weaker bones. The habit causes thinner bones with an increased risk for fractures in case of a fall. In fact, the fractures for these individuals heal very slowly. For the muscles, addiction leads to them being weak, cramping and at the end, atrophy.

The Immune System

alcohol addiction affects immunityAlcohol addiction reduces the natural immune system of the body heavily. As a result, the body gets it difficult to fight off the invading viruses and germs. This increases chances of diseases like cancer of the breast, mouth, and colon.

Change of Behavior

It can be a short-term effect which will eventually build to last forever. It starts with confusion, slurred speech as well as memory problems leading to accidents, violent behavior, and injuries. Individually, the alcoholic is greatly affected but the family as well is affected in one way or another, for instance, addiction may lead to loss of a job. Alcohol addiction generally has enormous harmful effects.…